1. The Egg cannot be retrieved or restored after the sacrifice. Kindly exercise utmost caution during the sacrificial process.

  2. The reward calculation is conducted on an hourly basis, ensuring that each Egg's reward is consistently calculated for the entire duration of 8,760 hours (365 days).

  3. The additional ROE rewards operate as a progressive bonus, continuously accruing until the ROE rewards are claimed.

  4. The rewards for each individual sacrificed Elf Egg are calculated independently and do not have any impact on one another.

  5. The durability of the Altar is independently calculated for each user and solely affects the respective user when claiming ROE rewards.

  6. This smart contract operates on the Polygon blockchain as a self-executing contract. Besides the Altar of Eggs page, users can also directly interact with it on-chain.

  7. During the process of Sacrificing Elf Eggs and claiming ROE rewards, verification through the blockchain is essential, and it is necessary to pay the Gas Fee in MATIC as per the prevailing state on the chain.

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