Contract Rules

  1. Users can sacrifice their Elf Eggs to the Altar, and the Altar will provide users with ROE rewards based on the estimated Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for one year (8,760 hours).

  2. Users will receive additional ROE rewards if they continue to not claim the ROE rewards for a specified number of consecutive days. Once claimed, the previously sacrificed Eggs shall no longer be eligible for additional ROE rewards.

  3. The rewards will be given every hour, starting 24 hours after sacrificing the Eggs.

  4. If the sacrificed Egg is not in a hatchable state after 24 hours of the sacrifice, the user must wait for the Egg to become hatchable before the rewards can start accumulating.

  5. The guaranteed minimum APR after including all rewards is 1200%. (This includes the foundational APR rewards, additional ROE rewards, and APR boost rewards.)

  6. When claiming ROE rewards, users must collect the entirety of their accumulated ROE rewards. A partial redemption or selective rewards for specific Elf Eggs is not permissible.

  7. There is a chance of damaging the Altar when claiming ROE rewards. Each sacrifice of an Egg will restore the durability of the Altar by 10%.

  8. The durability of the Altar will have a consequential effect on the rewards received when claiming the ROE rewards in the future, with the minimum durability threshold being set at 10%. (For instance, if the available ROE for withdrawal is 100, and the altar durability is at 90%, the actual ROE received will be 90.)

  9. The individual value and APR of each Elf Egg will be subject to dynamic adjustments based on the prevailing market prices of MATIC and ROE.

  10. In the event of any changes to the APR, the time of the adjustment will be duly recorded. During the reward calculation process, the rewards applicable before the adjustment will be computed based on the APR prior to the change, whereas the rewards following the adjustment will be calculated using the APR subsequent to the change.

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